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About Us     A leading provider of global payment solutions

NetPay is a leading gateway and payment processor, run by experienced processing industry professionals. We link customers, merchants, and financial institutions in order to facilitate electronic transactions around the world.

We have more than 15 years experience in e-commerce payment processing, having worked with many leading gateways and processors internationally. The NetPay gateway has been developed with an emphasis on facilitating the needs for both general e-commerce and high risk on-line merchants, focusing on reliability, security and fraud minimization. The staff at NetPay understand the needs of specialized online businesses, offering clients payment services and high support levels that ensure long term client loyalty and customer retention.

NetPay firmly believe that all merchants should have access to a reliable and cost effective payment solution. We strive to make a change for our merchants by providing a new level of reliability and value.

Many thousands of hours have gone into researching and developing the NetPay gateway system, to ensure that the needs of our merchants are met securely, reliably, and cost effectively, regardless of a merchant's location or industry sector.

Whether opening a new business or expanding an established one, regardless of location, credit rating and risk rating, NetPay can provide you with a leading world class payment solution, backed by extraordinary service and support.