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Neo-Bank StackNetPay

Launch your Neo-Bank in weeks with our modular platform!


Built On: Laravel MySQL Amazon Web Service

App available for Android, and iPhone.

Also available on Web for Desktop and Mobile.

Design, Build, Launch

Every project starts out as an idea. We help you refine it into a concept, and then take it live within a short span.

1. Explore your idea and identify the features and design elements.

2. Customise our stack to make your concept a reality.

3. Test the prototype and launch your beta version in weeks.

Discovery & Design

Customise & Integrate

Testing & Go Live!

With our extensive array of tools, starting your own Neo-Bank will be an effortless experience. Allow us to play a pivotal role in your success!

Key Features

Our stack provides you with a wide range of innovative features,
to differentiate your neo-bank from traditional banks.

Conversational AI Interface

Natural language voice and chat interface for Banking.

Multi-Currency Support

Launch your neo-bank in any currency of choice.

Easy Mobile Payments

Seamless support for Apple Pay, Android Pay and others.

Multiple BaaS Integrations

Seamless connections with several banks, globally.

Social Payments Module

Facilitate shared group payments and p2p transactions.

Vibrant Design Elements

Incorporate dynamic UI / UX elements to stand out.

AI-powered Compliance

AI mitigates compliance costs and improves efficiency.

Data Privacy Tools

Eases compliance with GDPR & other privacy regulations.

Multiple BaaS Partners

We have already integrated with several BaaS platforms globally, which will give you seamless access to sponsor banks across most jurisdictions.

Leverage our existing network, to speed up your integrations, for a hassle-free development experience.


Highly Customisable

Unlike white-label Neo-Bank platforms, that are usually limited to only light UI / UX customisations, our stack was developed with focus on giving our clients a bespoke experience.

When starting a Neo-Bank, it’s difficult to align all the moving pieces. It can be challenging to integrate the right tools, critical to your business. We have done the tough job, so you don't have to!